Regulatory Policies 2014


2014-18 - Revised list of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution – Annual compilation of amendments

2014-93 - Linkage and distribution requirements for Canadian ethnic and third-language services

2014-240 - Renaming of Military Channel as American Heroes Channel on the List of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution

2014-444 - Amendments to various regulations, the standard conditions of licence for video-on-demand undertakings and certain exemption orders - Provisions requiring the mandatory distribution of emergency alert messages

2014-459 - Simplified approach to tangible benefits and determining the value of the transaction

2014-473 - Amendments to various regulations – Non-disclosure and subscriber information auditing obligations

2014-554 - A targeted policy review of the commercial radio sector

2014-576 - Prohibition of 30-day cancellation policies

Compliance and Enforcement

2014-155 - Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules Review of the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. File numbers: 8665-C12-201304485 and 8662-C131-201115832

2014-312 - APPROVED - Amendment to Electronic Commerce Protection Regulations (CRTC)

2014-341 - Permanent number registration. File number: 8665-C12-201313030


2014-187 - Video relay service

2014-226 - Compensation for call termination. File numbers: 8661-C12-201311810, Fibernetics Tariff Notices 6 and 6A, Fido Tariff Notice 23, RCP Tariff Notice 32, and Videotron Tariff Notice 40

2014-342 - 9-1-1 action plan. File numbers: 8665-C12-201313304 and 8665-C12-201215781

2014-342-1 - 9-1-1 action plan – Correction. File numbers: 8665-C12-201313304 and 8665-C12-201215781.

2014-576 - Prohibition of 30-day cancellation policies

2014-659 - Structure and mandate of the video relay service administrator File number: 8665-C12-201403287

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