Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2014-342-1

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Route references: Telecom Notices of Consultation 2012-686 and 2013-549

Additional reference: Telecom Regulatory Policy 2014-342

Ottawa, 30 January 2015

File numbers: 8665-C12-201313304 and 8665-C12-201215781

9-1-1 action plan - Correction

  1. The Commission hereby replaces paragraph 47 of 9-1-1 action plan, Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2014-342, 25 June 2014 with the following:
    • 47. Most TSPs recover their own costs for providing 9-1-1 service through their revenues from retail telephone service (i.e. not as a separate item on the bill), and a few TSPs charge their subscribers a separate 9-1-1 fee. The Commission has forborne from regulating retail 9-1-1 fees in Canada except for the fees charged by incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs). Therefore, most TSPs determine how to recover their 9-1-1 costs at their own discretion.

Secretary General

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