Internet Services for Canadians

In just a few short years, the Internet has evolved into a multi-dimensional communications medium. It is now possible to use the Internet to watch TV and make phone calls. You can even call 9-1-1.

It is important that Canadians can connect to quality Internet services at affordable prices.

We strive to protect the safety and interests of Canadians by promoting and enforcing our regulations. This includes those relating to unsolicited email.

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Billing and Pricing

Find out more about how rates are set for Internet services, and how the CRTC fosters competition between Internet providers.

Internet Code

The Internet Code has officially come into effect. Find out how it benefits and protects you.

Broadband Fund: Closing the Digital Divide

Apply for the fund, application guide (help applying), broadband coverage maps, instruction manual, about the fund.

Make a Complaint

How to make a complaint about your Internet service online, by email and by phone.

LTE and Broadband Availability

Explore the interactive maps related to broadband and LTE coverage available across Canada, in First Nations Reserves and in Official Language Minority Communities.

Find an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Find service providers near you, change your provider, and compare services.

Broadband Performance Measurement Project
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The CRTC is looking for participants for the project to measure the performance of broadband Internet services in Canadian homes.

Net Neutrality

Supporting net neutrality, differential pricing, zero-rating, sponsored data.


Learn what affects Internet speeds at your home and what you can do to improve them.

Internet Traffic Management Practices

About Internet traffic management practices and complaints.

Watching TV and listening to music on the Internet

Watching TV and listening to music online, distribution rights, website blocking and offensive content online.

Data-Only Wireless Plans in Canada

The wireless market in Canada is evolving. Learn more about the introduction of the new data-only wireless options and find a plan that is right for you.


Understand your consumer rights email spam. Businesses can find requirements for installing computer programs and guidelines (e.g., help building compliance programs).

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