Internet Services for Canadians

Learn more about our role in helping Canadians connect to quality, reliable, and secure Internet services at affordable prices.

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Services and information

Internet Code

Learn more about the Internet Code and how it benefits and protects you.


Consumers can find information on our efforts to reduce the harmful effects of spam. Businesses can find requirements and guidance for complying with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.


Learn what affects Internet speeds at your home and what you can do to improve them.

Broadband Fund: Closing the digital divide

Learn more about the broadband fund and how to apply for it.

Make a complaint

Find out how to make a complaint about your Internet service online, by email, and by phone.

Billing and pricing

Find out more about how rates are set for Internet services, and how we foster competition between Internet providers.

Watching TV and listening to music on the Internet

Learn more about distribution rights, website blocking, and reporting offensive content on the Internet.

Broadband performance measurement project

An assessment of the performance of broadband Internet access across Canada.

Net neutrality

Get information on net neutrality and what we are doing to support it.

Find an Internet service provider

Find service providers near you, change your provider, and compare services.

Internet traffic management practices

Learn more about making a complaint about Internet traffic management practices.

Telecommunications providers

Services and information for current and prospective telecommunications providers. Register as a telecommunications provider.


Review of the Broadband Fund

Broadband Fund

We are considering ways to improve the Broadband Fund to provide better Internet and wireless services to rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.

Review of Internet competition

We are taking action to increase choice and affordability of high-speed Internet services.

Telecommunications services in the Far North

Review of Northwestel and telecom services in the North

We are considering ways to improve telecommunications services in the Far North.

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