The CRTC engages in a wide range of activities. We supervise and regulate over 2,000 broadcasters, such as TV services, AM and FM radio stations as well as the companies that bring these services to you. We also regulate telecommunications carriers, including major telephone companies.

We issue, renew and amend broadcasting licences. We also issue licences for international telecommunications. These services allow telephone users to make and receive calls outside of Canada.

We make decisions on broadcasting industry mergers, acquisitions and ownership changes.

We approve tariffs and certain agreements for the telecommunications sector.

Services and information

Decisions, notices and orders

Find a decision, information bulletin, notice of consultation, order or regulatory policy.

Commission letters

Find a letter issued by the CRTC.

Consultations and hearings

Find a consultation about phone, internet, radio, and television; telemarketing rules, do not call list, and anti-spam legislation; a public hearing by date, or a hearing transcript.

Forms and My CRTC account login

Find the right cover page, broadcasting form, Canadian Program Certification form, or telecommunications costs assessments form. Sign-up for a My CRTC Account or login to TV logs.

The Online News Act

Learn about the plan to build a bargaining framework for fair negotiations between news organizations in Canada and the largest online platforms.

Enforcement actions

We protect the interests of Canadians and prevent abuse of the communications system.

Obligations of regulated entities under the Accessible Canada Act and the CRTC Accessibility Reporting Regulations

Find information on the requirements and obligations of broadcast and telecommunications service providers under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA).

Telecommunications providers

Register as a telecommunications provider, responsibilities and regulatory obligations, list of registered providers, BITS licences, registration support, and alternative dispute resolution.

Broadcasters and Canadian productions

Find a full list of services for radio and TV broadcasters regarding licences, exemptions, certifications and programing regulations.

Surveys and statistics

Financial summaries for broadcasting sector, video-on-demand - aggregate statistical data, and aggregate annual returns for large broadcasters.

CISC working groups

Working groups, agendas, submit CISC documents, registration lists, agreements and guidelines, administrative guidelines.


Spam and Telemarketing – Stir in the regulations
Spam and Telemarketing – Stir in the regulations

The success of the Tiny Cakes bakery is based on its effective marketing, but remember, you must follow the rules when contacting customers.

Spam – A compliance feast
Spam – A compliance feast

How can Kim help her employees comply with Canada's anti-spam law?

Telemarketing – Concoct a compliance program
Telemarketing – Concoct a compliance program

Kim embarks on a telemarketing blitz to sell her delicious Tiny Cake, but wait, you can't just call people at home!

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