Information Bulletins 2006


2006-1 - Streamlined processes for certain broadcasting applications. In the circular, the Commission announces procedural changes that it is introducing to streamline and expedite the processing of applications for licence amendments that are routinely dealt with using the public notice approach, as well as of any applications dealt with using the Commission's administrative approach that do not entail a public process. The Commission also sets out its plans to review other areas of broadcasting processes, including applications dealt with by public hearing. The changes announced will apply to applications received after 31 March 2006.

2006-2 - Introduction of service standards for certain broadcasting applications.

2006-3 - To all licensees of broadcasting undertakings serving the province of Nova Scotia.

2006-4 - To all licensees of broadcasting undertakings serving the province of New Brunswick. On 18 August 2006, a provincial election was announced in New Brunswick. The election will occur on 18 September 2006.

2006-5 - To the licensees of broadcasting undertakings and applicants of broadcasting licences - Guidelines for the filing of confidential information to the Commission.

2006-6 - Streamlining process for annual reports filed by licensees


2006-10 - Access-independent VoIP services pursuant to Order in Council P.C. 2006-1314.

2006-11 - Service standards for the disposition of telecommunications applications

2006-12 - Status of certain proceedings in light of proposed Order in Council to vary Telecom Decision CRTC 2006-15.

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