Information Bulletins 2005


2005-463 - Expedited procedure for resolving issues arising under the Broadcasting Act

2005-464 - To all licensees of broadcasting undertakings serving the Province of British Columbia. On 19 April 2005, a provincial election was announced British Columbia. The election will occur on 17 May 2005.

2005-465 - To all applicants for third-language ethnic Category 2 pay and specialty services.

2005-466 - Electronic filing of applications.

2005-467 - To all licensees of broadcasting undertakings serving Canada. The writs for the Federal general election taking place on 23 January 2006 were issued on 29 November 2005.


2005-4 - Telecommunications industry data collection: updating of CRTC registration lists, telecommunications fees, Canadian revenue-based contribution regime, international licences and monitoring of the Canadian telecommunications industry.

2005-5 - Filing of reports on 9-1-1 manual access to the ALI database and on incumbents' service interruptions to competitors. Reference: 8661-C12-01/98 and 8657-C12-200500034.

2005-6 - Introduction of a streamlined process for retail tariff filings.

2005-7 - New procedures for disposition of applications dealing with the destandardization and/or withdrawal of tariffed services.

2005-8 - Basic international telecommunications services (BITS) licensing regime - Amendments.

2005-9 - Finalization of the streamlined process for retail tariff filings.

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