TV and radio for Canadians

Canadians want access to high-quality diverse programming and we work hard to help ensure they do!

Part of our job is to set regulations and monitor Canadian radio and television services to ensure they meet their programming obligations.

Services and information

TV and radio services

Learn about the types of broadcasters that offer different television and radio services, switching from analog to digital TV, and how to change your TV service provider.

TV and radio content

Our numerous programming initiatives focus on ensuring that television and radio broadcasting meets the needs and interests of Canadians.

Content made by Canadians

What makes a song Canadian? Understanding industry responsibilities, defining a Canadian song with MAPL and more.

Accessible TV

TV access for people with visual or hearing impairments and list of TV channels with described video.

Local and community TV

More about local, community TV and over the air television broadcasting.

Services that do and do not need a licence

List of radio, TV and cable services that are authorized for distribution in Canada by way of a broadcasting licence or exempted from needing a licence.

Co-development of the Indigenous Broadcasting Policy

Learn about Indigenous radio and television broadcasting services and licences.

Broadcasters and Canadian productions

Find a full list of services for radio and TV broadcasters regarding licences, exemptions, certifications and programing regulations.


Participate in the consultation

Share your thoughts about Indigenous programming in Canada.

Modernizing Canada’s broadcasting framework

The new framework will ensure that online streaming services make meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content.

National Public Alerting System
Video Relay Service

To ensure Canadians’ safety, emergency alert messages are issued on television, radio and on mobile devices to warn people about imminent dangers to life and property.

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