Phone services for Canadians

A solid phone system is crucial to providing Canadians with access to a world class communications system. It is important that Canadians can connect to quality and innovative communication services at affordable prices. We strive to protect the safety and interests of Canadians by:

  • enforcing The Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules and the National Do Not Call List;
  • regulating telecommunications carriers, including major telephone companies;
  • approving tariffs and certain agreements for the telecommunications sector;
  • encouraging competition in telecommunications markets to ensure that Canadians have a choice of innovative and affordable services.

We do not intervene in the retail rates for most communication services.

Services and information

Cell phone services

Your consumer rights, data plans, postpaid versus prepaid, switch providers and keep your number, roaming charges and more.

Home phones

Switch providers and keep your number, choose a local phone service, find a provider near you, change your long-distance provider and phone services for people with disabilities.

9-1-1 Services

Next-generation 9-1-1, 9-1-1 services for Canadians, and service provider obligations.

Accessible phone services

Handsets, message relay services (MRS), Video Relay Service (VRS), and 9-1-1 services for people with disabilities.

Telemarketing and unwanted calls

Register with the DNCL, who can still call you, phone calls from political parties, ways to protect yourself and topics for telemarketers.

Voter Contact Registry for Federal Elections

For consumers: phone calls from political parties, and protecting Canadians from rogue and misleading calls during Federal Elections.

For industry: register, registration notices, how to contact Canadians the right away, and frequently asked questions.


Canadians can call or text 9-8-8 anytime for mental health and suicide prevention support. The service is bilingual, considers trauma, and is culturally sensitive.

Telecommunications Providers

Register as a telecommunications provider, responsibilities and regulatory obligations, list of registered providers, BITS licences, registration support, and alternative dispute resolution.


Telecommunications services in the Far North

Review of Northwestel and telecom services in the North

We are considering ways to improve telecommunications services in the Far North.

Consultation about Video Relay Service

Video Relay Service

We are reviewing Video Relay Service (VRS) in Canada to ensure it meets users’ needs.

Caller ID Spoofing

Sometimes your call display can be misleading. Find out more about caller identification spoofing.

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