Regulatory Policies 2013


2013-18 - Revised list of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution – Annual compilation of amendments

2013-292 - Amendments to the Broadcasting Distribution Regulations to implement the exemption order applicable to Category B services that serve fewer than 200,000 subscribers and that operate under an approved nature of service

2013-297 - Changes to the administration of the Canadian content development policy for commercial and ethnic radio

2013-372 - Applications for mandatory distribution on cable and satellite under section 9(1)(h) of the Broadcasting Act

2013-476 - Amendments to the Radio Regulations, 1986 concerning basic Canadian content development contributions and the addition of a definition of the Community Radio Fund of Canada

2013-509 - Renaming of German TV as DW (Amerika) on the list of non Canadian programming services authorized for distribution

2013-561 - Revised regulatory framework for pay-per-view services

2013-578 - Standard clauses for non-disclosure agreement

2013-585 - Provisions governing the timeframes and modalities for the conduct of audits of subscriber information held by broadcasting distribution undertakings

2013-666 - Removal of The Satellite Channel of Southern Television Guangdong from the List of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution

2013-734 - Distribution of Canadian Category C national news specialty services


2013-70 - Disposition of review and vary applications with respect to wholesale high-speed access services: Introductory statement. File numbers: 8662-C182-201202324, 8662-C182-201200063,. 8662-B54-201202259, 8662-M59-201202275, 8662-R28-201201699, 8662-V48-201201722, 8662-S9-201201342, 8662-T143-201202309

2013-160 - Regulatory framework for the small incumbent local exchange carriers and related matters. File number: 8663-C12-201108754

2013-271 - The Wireless Code. File number: 8665-C12-201212448

2013-586 - Requests for clarification on how the Wireless Code applies to tab contracts. File numbers: 8633-R28-201310820 and 8633-T66-201310812

2013-598 - Wireless Code – Request by Quebecor Media Inc. to review and vary Telecom Regulatory Policy 2013-271 regarding the definition of “indeterminate contracts”. File number: 8622-Q15-201310508

2013-708 - Removal of the last payphone in a community. File number: 8650-C12-201310078

2013-711 - Northwestel Inc. – Regulatory Framework, Modernization Plan, and related matters. File numbers: 8663-C12-201215302, 8695-J64-201209578, and 8662-N1-201305821

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