Information Bulletins 2004


2004-460 - To all licensees of broadcasting undertakings serving Canada. The writs for the Federal general election taking place on 28 June 2004 were issued on 23 May 2004

2004-461 - To all cable broadcasting distribution undertakings (BDUs) that serve between 2,000 and 6,000 subscribers, and to all satellite relay distribution undertakings, pay television services and specialty television services that receive affiliation payments from exempted cable BDUs. Transition rules for broadcasting licence fees

2004-462 - To all licensees of broadcasting undertakings serving the Province of Alberta. On 25 October 2004, a territorial election was announced in Alberta. The election will occur on 22 November 2004


2004-2 - Expedited procedure for resolving competitive issues. Eff. date = 10.02.04.

2004-3 - Treatment of partnerships for the purpose of telecommunications fees.

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