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Data Collection – Guide

1. Guidelines

2. Form Completion

3. Deadlines

4. Profile Survey

5. Annual Telecommunications Survey

6. Annual Facilities Survey

7. Connected buildings Survey

8. Semi-annual IXPL Survey

9. Quarterly Survey

10. Annual Broadcasting Survey

11. Licence Fee Return (LFR) Forms

1. Guidelines

Who should respond to the data collection?

All broadcasting and telecommunications entities must respond to the data collection process. This is a legal requirement under the Statistics Act, the Telecommunication Act and the Broadcasting Act.

Do I have to fill out all of the forms?

Yes. However, if you feel that some data forms were issued in error, contact your Responsible Analyst to discuss having them removed. Forms are allocated automatically as soon as the registration form is submitted based on the information provided in the registration form that you submit.

How are data forms allocated?

The appropriate data forms to be completed will be indicated to you by the CRTC, based on; 1) the sectors that you operate in, 2) the type of facilities that you operate, and 3) your level of revenues for the reporting period in question.

We acquired or disposed of operating assets in the reporting period. Are we responsible for filing responses? Should we report it?

Yes. The Legal entity that acquired the assets is responsible for submitting all of the information pertaining to the assets.

We acquired or merged with another entity during the reporting period? Should we report it?

If a company was merged with you during the reporting period, you are responsible for reporting the operations of the combined companies.

I usually consolidate my company's financial statements with our subsidiary's financial statements. Can I do that here, too?

No. We need surveys returned for each legal entity. If this causes you a problem, please contact us before beginning to fill out your required forms.

2. Form Completion

How can I be assured that my confidential information is safe?

By going to a web-based system, the CRTC data collection process meets the Government of Canada standards for confidentiality. This is ensured through: 1) password protected web site, 2) careful dissemination of user IDs and passwords, and 3) transport of data over Internet using My CRTC Account.

I have access to DCS but can't view anything?

If you are listed as a Survey Respondent in DCS, you will only have access to the forms that have been assigned to you by the Response Manager. Please contact your Response Manager to receive access to the forms.

Can I get a copy of last year's data to use as a guide?

As a rule, we do not provide information/data from previous years. Please contact your responsible analyst to discuss the data from last year.

3. Deadlines

I won't be able to meet the deadline dates provided for filing the Registration Form or for filing the various Data Forms. What should I do?

Let us know as soon as possible. Please contact us by using our contact form or by phone at 1-866-845-6036.

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