FAQ – Registration Lists

Form 8XX - Registration Lists

Who has to complete form 802?

All registered telecommunications service providers are required to maintain current information with the CRTC pursuant to Telecom Circulars CRTC 2003-1, 2005-4 and 2007-17. As such, form 802, which requires contact information for each of the registration lists on which an entity appears, is issued to all registered entities during the annual profile update survey period. Registered entities must also complete an 802 within 30 days of any changes to their contact information.

When is form 802 due?

Form 802s are issued to registered entities as a part of the annual profile update survey and are due by the end of the survey. If a registered entity’s contact information changes during the course of the year – even if they have already provided an 802 as part of the this survey – the registered entity is required to notify the CRTC and complete re-issued 802s within 30 days of the changes.

How do I complete form 802?

Information entered and submitted on a form 802 is for updating the contact information.  Registration list data may only be updated for which an 802 is submitted and that the entity is already appearing on.  If the entity wishes for its Response Manager to appear as the contact on the registration lists, click the ‘Same as Response Manager’ box at the top of each 802 form. If the entity wishes the information to be different from the Response Manager’s, complete the fields provided.  All of the fields provided are mandatory unless ‘Same as Response Manager’ is clicked

We ceased our operations during the reporting period. Do we still need to file form 802?

Form 802 is not required for entities that have ceased providing commercial telecommunications services. However, these entities should notify the CRTC that they are no longer in operation so that they can be removed from the registration list(s) as required.

What will happen if I don't submit the 802 form?

Entities should be aware that failure to complete and submit an 802 form before the deadline will result in the removal of the registered entity from the Commission's registration lists. As such, the entity will no longer be authorized to provide commercial telecommunications services in Canada.

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