FAQ - Supplementary form (29X)

Form 296 - Residential Bundled Telecommunications Services

Form 296 - Residential bundled telecommunications services

What is a bundle?

A bundle is an arrangement under which a subscriber is provided two or more service elements, under a rate structure which provides a financial or other benefit that is contingent on the use, consumption of or subscription to any or all service elements in the bundle and that would not otherwise be available.

Which services should be included when determining the type of bundle?

The form is designed to capture any combination of the following four services: local wireline, Internet, video and wireless. All other services should not be considered when determining the number of services in the bundle, or the distribution of revenue associated with the bundle.

How should revenue be allocated between the services?

You are not required to allocate revenues to individual services. However, you are required to provide the revenues generated by the bundle.

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