FAQ – Interexchange Private Line

Form 243 - Interexchange Private Line Services

Do I need to fill out form 243?

As per Order 99-434, competitors of the incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs), including out-of-territory affiliates of the ILECs, Broadcasting Distribution Undertakings (BDUs) and BDU affiliates who provide or offer to provide IXPL services to at least one customer at DS-3 or greater bandwidth, using terrestrial facilities from a company other than the ILEC or an affiliate of the ILEC, must file a form 243 identifying the routes, using proper exchange names (exchanges as per tariff), over which they provide or offer to provide IXPL services fulfilling the above-noted criteria. Reports are to include all routes that a competitor has previously reported.

What are the other requirements?

Competitors are required to have their report signed by an officer of the company attesting to its accuracy and completeness, to file their reports with the Commission no later than 1 April and 1 October each year, and to serve their report on the relevant companies.

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