FAQ – Broadcasting Annual Return, Television

What’s new for this year in the Television Annual Return forms?

REP-B – Reporting Entity Profile – Broadcasting: An additional question regarding upload of the required financial statements has been added to this form, as well as a comment box.

1240 - Television - Direct Operating Expenses: Additional lines were added to capture payments made to FACTOR and to Musicaction.

1221 - Conventional Stations Programming Expenditure Reconciliation: Additional row is added to capture payments made to FACTOR and to Musicaction.

What forms do I need to complete?

For my company:

  • REP-B – Reporting Entity Profile – Broadcasting
  • REP-U – Contact Information – Response Manager and Executive Sponsor
  • 1235 – Television Tangible Benefit (when applicable)

For each licensed station:

  • 1210 – Television Station Financial Summary
  • 1230 – Television - Direct Operating Expenses – Programming and Production
  • 1240 – Television - Direct Operating Expenses
  • 1280 – Described Video (for DV content programming undertakings only)
  • 1340 – Alcohol Advertising

I have not received the usual forms assigned to my entity in DCS. What should I do?

If you believe to have receive certain forms in error or believe to have missing forms in our online Data Collection System (DCS), please contact the DCS Helpline at 819-997-4597 for assistance.

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