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Data Collection – Guide

This guide outlines who is to respond, explains how to do so, and provides an overview of the various surveys.  A set of frequently asked questions (FAQ), telecommunications glossary of terms and specifics of the various surveys are offered on separate Web pages.  Please consult them to address questions you may have, but do not hesitate to contact us if your questions remain unanswered.


Separate surveys should be filed for each legal entity; reporting may not be consolidated across companies unless agreed by CRTC staff, even where one company holds a majority stake in another. Where the legal entity in existence on 31 December is partly formed of merged entities, each prior entity must report information separately for any periods prior to the merger.

Entities must file if they were operating at any time during the reporting period of the Survey.

  • For the Telecommunications and Facilities Surveys, this is for the period ended 31 December:
  • For the Broadcasting and New Media Surveys this is the period ended August 31.
  • For the Quarterly Survey this is for the most recent three-month period.

If an entity or licencee is acquired at any point during the period, data must be submitted for both.

Whether you receive the electronic or hard-copy version, the registration form is to be completed by each legal entity that supplied one of several telecommunications-related services, products, and/or facilities in Canada on a commercial basis at any point during the previous fiscal or calendar year. These services and products are identified and detailed in the registration form.


  • Some of the Surveys in DCS, contain Reporting Entity Profile (REP) Forms.  REP-U establishes each reporting entity's contact details and corporate ties to other reporting entities and updates contact details.  REP-T and REP-B provide a basic statement of activity areas.
  • Data Forms – collect detailed information on a particular process within a survey.  Data Forms can be submitted by the Response Manager or delegated Process Respondents.

Detailed Instructions

Reporting Periods

The Annual Telecommunications Survey reporting period is January 1 to December 31.

For the Radio & TV, BDU and Pay & Specialty and New Media Surveys, licencees must file an annual return for the period of September 1 to August 31.

Due Dates

Data Forms have varying completion dates depending on the particular survey in question. All filing dates can be found under Surveys in the left navigation bar.


Completed Group 2 forms must be submitted by the Response Manager .

Group 1 forms must be submitted using the Commission's web-based Data Collections System.

Form Integrity

For entities submitting data via DCS, each form includes shaded and non-shaded areas. You will only be able to enter data into the shaded areas.


Please ensure that all definitions and interpretations correspond to published guidelines. All guidelines, surveys, glossary, and other instructions are available for download at the introduction page. We can be reached electronically via our On-line form, by phone at 819-997-4597 or 1-866-845-6036, or by fax at 819-994-0218.


For the Monitoring forms only, where precise data are not available or cannot be obtained, use best estimates. If estimates are used, describe the estimation methodology, report the relevant form reference cell numbers to the appropriate CRTC analyst, using our contact form.


Report revenues net of discounts, returns or allowances, promotional offers, and rebates. These revenues should exclude federal or provincial taxes collected for remittance to a government agency (sales and excise tax, GST, PST, HST, etc.). Goods and services sales denominated in foreign currencies should be translated into Canadian dollars in accordance with Section 1650 of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Handbook.


Dollar amounts and quantities should be reported in units unless otherwise specified.

Geographic data checklists

To assist with submissions of geographic data, checklists are available for forms 256, 267 and 278 of the facilities survey.

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