Surveys and statistics

We collect, analyze and share information on the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors.

Our data collection provides the public with the ability to extract information and conduct data analysis. In turn, this information encourages and supports public participation in our proceedings and decision-making.

Services and information

Data Collection System (DCS)

DCS is a secured, online system that industry members use to submit mandatory data to the CRTC. This includes registration information and survey responses.

Communications Market Reports (CMR)

These reports have been created to give Canadians access to the latest data and trends in the broadcasting and telecommunications industries.

Broadcasting financial summaries

Find detailed revenue, subscriber and expenditure information on each sector of the broadcasting industry.


Current trends

The communications industry is one of the most innovative and rapidly changing in the world. Stay on top of the latest trends.

Data Collection System (DCS) surveys

Get the latest updates on DCS and see which surveys are currently open.

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