FAQ – Reporting Entity Profile (REP) Form

REP-GEO Reporting entity profile – Geographic form

What is the purpose of this form?

This form is an exploratory questionnaire. It will be used to inform the CRTC on what it can potentially ask survey respondents in future surveys regarding the availability of different types of services offered to Canadians, by location.

How do I complete this form?

There are 3 parts to this form: 

  1. The first part pertains to your subscribership and where your subscribers are located. Specifically, please provide the level of geographic detail you have at your disposal to identify where your subscribers are situated within your service area.  Can you identify your customers by city, by boundaries or by postal code?
  2. The second part asks for what type of software can be used to share this information with the CRTC (e.g. spreadsheet, MapInfo).
  3. The third part asks how often the data is collected and can be transmitted.

Do I have to submit data at this point?

This form is not requesting you to submit data, it is asking for information on the type and level of data that can be supplied.

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