Internet Traffic Management Practices

Internet traffic has grown considerably in recent years. In response to the impact of this growth on their networks, some Internet service providers have implemented technical and/or economic Internet traffic management practices (ITMPs).

Technical practices include measures to slow a user's traffic, to prioritize traffic, or to detect heavy users in order to limit their bandwidth. Economic practices involve charging more for users whose Internet use exceeds a predefined limit.

The CRTC has established a framework to evaluate whether existing and future traffic management practices applied to both retail and wholesale Internet services comply with the Telecommunications Act.

Complaints about Internet Traffic Management Practices

Contact your Internet service provider

Before you submit a complaint to the CRTC about an Internet traffic management practice, you should first contact your Internet service provider to see if it can resolve the issue.

Contact the CRTC

If your service provider doesn't address your complaint to your satisfaction, and you believe that your service provider's traffic management practices are not compliant with the CRTC's policies, you can submit a complaint to the CRTC. Before doing this, make sure that you know your rights and information you should include in your ITMP complaint to the CRTC.

How to see what complaints have been made

All findings of non-compliance will be published on our website with the service provider's name and the nature of the complaint. Every three months, the Commission will publish a summary of the number and types of complaints it has received on its website, including the number of active and resolved complaints. View this status report.

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