Closing the Broadband Gap

The CRTC established a universal service objective that Canadians – in rural and remote areas as well as in urban centres – have access to voice services and broadband Internet access services on fixed and mobile wireless networks.

The CRTC set new targets for these services:

  • speeds of 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload for fixed broadband services
  • an unlimited data option for fixed broadband services
  • the latest mobile wireless technology available not only to all homes and businesses, but also along major Canadian roads

Details of the Broadband Fund

The CRTC has set out the criteria that will be used to evaluate applications for funding from its Broadband Fund. Details on the fund’s governance, operating and accountability frameworks have also been established.

Resources for applicants will be made available in the coming months, including an application guide and maps.

  • The application guide will provide all the information that applicants will need to apply for funding, including procedural and practical details.
  • The maps will identify the geographic areas that are eligible for funding

In 2019, the CRTC will issue a call for applications and begin the competitive process to evaluate and select projects. Details will be outlined in a future announcement.

More info on the fund.

Areas to enhance broadband access

The CRTC is committed to the objective of all Canadians being able to access fixed broadband Internet services with speeds of at least 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload. It is anticipated that 90% of Canadians will have access to this level of service by 2021.

The CRTC has created maps that indicate areas to enhance broadband access. These maps indicate the hexagonal areas without speeds of 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload for fixed broadband services; communities without high-capacity transport infrastructure; and where homes or major roads are without Long-term Evolution (LTE) mobile wireless service.

Areas that have access or partial access to speeds of 50/10 or LTE are not shown on the maps.

For each call for applications for funding, a corresponding set of maps will be published consistent with the scope of the call.

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A fund for projects that will help ensure that…

  • by 2021, 90% of Canadian homes and small businesses have access to fixed broadband services that offer:
    • speeds of greater than 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload
    • unlimited data allowance
  • Canadians have access to the latest wireless technology at their homes, small businesses and on the road
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