Consultations and hearings: have your say

The CRTC works closely with individuals, broadcasters, service providers and businesses to enhance broadcasting and telecommunications (telecom) services in Canada.

To do that, we depend on you, Canadians, to tell us what matters to you. What do you want and need? What is working for you? What isn’t? We gather these opinions and comments during public proceedings and hearings on specific topics.

Find proceedings (consultations) open for comment by topic:

Services and information

Public proceedings (consultations)

Find a consultation or application based on topics, notice numbers and dates.

How to participate

Find out how to submit your comments for a public proceeding. You can do this in writing or online. You can also ask to speak at a public hearing.

Public hearings

View our list of hearings with links to related documents and transcripts.

How to claim proceedings expenses

When you participate in a telecommunications proceeding, it may be possible for some of your expenses to be reimbursed.

Roadmap to CRTC processes in ASL

Videos for those who use American Sign Language (ASL).

More information

Cover letter template for submitting joint interventions:

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