Consultation on Video Relay Service in Canada

Current status: Closed

From March 14, 2022 to May 16, 2022 Video Relay Service (VRS) users were invited to provide their initial comments and to tell us if they want to participate in a virtual discussion session in ASL or LSQ to provide feedback about their experiences using VRS.

See the “What we learned” section to find the comments that were submitted.

To understand if Video Relay Service (VRS) is meeting Canadians’ needs, we launched a formal review of the service. VRS is a basic telecommunications service that enables people with hearing or speech disabilities who use sign language to communicate with voice telephone users. An operator relays the conversation from sign language to spoken language and vice versa, for example from American Sign Language (ASL) to English, or from Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ) to French.

What has happened so far

Next steps

We will post recordings of the virtual discussion sessions. People who participated in the discussions and those who submitted a comment during the public consultation will be able to comment on what was discussed. The recordings will be available in English or French, include the ASL and LSQ interpretations, and be captioned.

Key topics for discussion

To better understand the state of VRS in Canada, we asked VRS users and other Canadians to provide their views on the following topics:

Learn more about the topics for discussion set out in the Notice of Consultation.

An ASL interpretation of the Notice of Consultation is available as a video playlist: ASL interpretation: Video Relay Service Review.

What we learned

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