Telemarketing - Concoct a compliance program

  • You are the brand new owner of Tiny Cakes – a delicious start-up on Main Street.

    And even though everyone loves cupcakes (who doesn’t love cupcakes?) you know that people won’t buy them unless they can find them.

    So, you organize a telemarketing BLITZ to get the word out.

    But, then Bob, the butcher from next door says, “You know, there are rules about calling people at home!”

    So you do a little research and FIND some tips…

    ….on the National Do Not Call List website.

    You follow the tips and register and subscribe to the Do Not Call List package that works for you.

    But how do you know which package works for you? You contact the DNCL.

    …and email JoAnn, who gets back to you with your options.

    So, you do the blitz with a compliant list, and stir up a buzz for your grand opening.

    Which features a Tiny Cake shout-out to Bob.

    And JoAnn.

    Consult the DNCL website for more information.

Kim embarks on a telemarketing blitz to sell her delicious Tiny Cakes. But wait Kim, you can't just call people at home! You must first register and subscribe to the National Do Not Call List. Contact the DNCL!

All active businesses in Canada must register and subscribe to the National Do Not Call List before making telemarketing calls.

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