Spam and Telemarketing - Stir in the regulations

  • You are the proud new owner of Tiny Cakes, the darling of Main Street.

    …and even though Aunt Margaret would NOT give you her secret family recipe,

    …Business is booming.

    Not JUST because everyone loves cupcakes…

    I mean, who doesn’t love cupcakes…?

    You are successful because you have your ducks in a row.

    You become a solo marketing machine.

    But not before you look up how to be compliant with spam and telemarketing rules on the CRTC website.

    You follow the tips to a “T” and get permission to send commercial emails to promote events like…

    …the launch of your Canadian maple double-bacon cupcake with moose antlers on top.

    Which impresses Aunt Margaret so much, she gives you her secret recipe.

    Be compliant. Contact the CRTC for more information.

The success of the Tiny Cakes bakery is based on its effective marketing. But remember, you must follow the rules when contacting customers. Well done Kim! You’ve built a thriving business while complying with Canada’s anti-spam law and telemarketing rules!

Regardless of their size, all businesses must comply with Canada’s anti-spam law and telemarketing rules.

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