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Services and information

Modernizing the broadcasting system

The new system will ensure that online streaming services make meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content.

Find a broadcasting form

Apply for, renew, or amend a broadcasting licence, register as an exempt undertaking, make ownership changes (forms 138 and 139), add a non-Canadian service to the list of programming services authorized for distribution (form 304).

Find an application

Broadcasting Application Report. Part 1 applications, licence renewal applications, administrative applications.

TV program categories

Category 1 News, Category 2a) Analysis and Interpretation, Category 2b) Long-form documentary – up to Category 15 Filler Programming.

Radio content categories

Content categories and subcategories (Content Category 1: Spoken Word, Content Category 2: Popular Music – up to Content Category 5: Advertising).

Practical guide to radio licence renewals

We’ve grouped the policies and regulatory requirements applicable to radio licence renewals. This should help radio stations and services meet their deadlines and avoid non-compliance.

Codes for radio and TV broadcasters

Standards and codes of ethics for radio and television broadcasters

List of services that do and do not need a licence

Authorized and exempt radio, TV and cable (distribution) services, and local broadcast markets.

List of certified Canadian programs

Full list: program title, certification number (CRTC C#), points achieved, logging category, episodes duration, time credit, certification date.

List of non-Canadian programming services and stations

Full list of services (1-9 and A-Z), and U.S. commercial and non-commercial stations.

Guidelines for TV and radio broadcasters and TV service providers during an election

During an election, broadcasters play an important role in informing Canadians about the issues, political parties and candidates involved. Broadcasters serve the Canadian public by ensuring that citizens can make informed choices on election day.

Submit TV program logs

Licensees are required - by Regulations - to maintain, in a form acceptable to the Commission, a program log or machine readable record of programming (to be referred to collectively as a program log).

Apply for Canadian Program Certification

To help reduce the barriers to certifying risky to produce high impact productions, we’re ready to waive some of criteria from the regular certification process.

Canadian Program Certification

Canadian Program Certification helps independent Canadian program producers to obtain Canadian certification for TV productions that use mainly Canadian crews and talents.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The CRTC provides services to help parties resolve disputes related to the Broadcasting Act.

Gender parity in Canada’s film and television production industry

Actions plans by broadcasters to find solutions to make sure women play leading roles in the Canadian film and television production industry


Accessible Canada Act
The Accessible Canada Act and the CRTC Accessibility Reporting Regulations

Information on the requirements and obligations of broadcast and telecommunications service providers under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA).

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