Spam - A compliance feast

  • You are the savvy new owner of Tiny Cakes…

    …the most popular shop on Main Street.

    And business is booming because your sweet baking blog is a marketing hit!

    But you don’t just blitz your blog to everyone in your contact list, because you know Canada has anti-spam legislation.

    So, you get consent from customers before you send them commercial emails to announce events like the launch of your tasty new trio: The Beaver, The Moose, and The Mountie. Beauty, eh?

    So popular, you have to hire employees, but you worry about them being compliant with the law.

    Then you remember the CRTC website said, if you have questions “talk to us”. So, you do.

    You chat with Dave.

    Dave says, “create training documents for your staff and maintain consent records to keep compliance consistent.”

    Thanks Dave! Have a moose!

    Contact the CRTC for more information.

Kim, the brand new owner of Tiny Cakes, knows that she needs to get permission from customers to send commercial electronic messages like emails and texts. But how can she help her employees comply with Canada's anti-spam law? Luckily, Dave from the CRTC is there to help! Thanks Dave!

Regardless of their size, all businesses must comply with Canada’s anti-spam law.

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