Local and Community TV

The decision on local and community TV is out! It recognizes the importance for Canadians to have access to local programming, and particularly local news that meet the needs and interests of Canadians. Read the new policy.

The old and the new

Quick Facts

  • During this process, you reiterated that you place great importance on local news to stay informed and that you value community television programming, especially in smaller communities
  • The emergence of new media transformed the news and information industry. However, new media do not yet have all the resources or expertise they need to replace traditional local news.
  • There are currently sufficient sources of funding within the system the creation of locally produced, locally reflective programming.
  • The allocation of these funding sources has been reviewed to ensure that local programming continues to be of high quality and receive adequate funding.
  • We are instituting new local news thresholds that must be met.
  • We expect broadcasters to fulfill their social responsibility to produce programming that informs and reflects local communities.
  • We are setting up the Independent Local News Fund to give independent stations access to approximately $23 million to produce high-quality news programming.
  • The framework surrounding community television remains valid and relevant in providing appropriate support for this programming.
  • We are ensuring that the programming offered by community channels continues to reflect local citizens and events.


Why keep local programming and Over-The-Air (OTA) broadcasting?

We have taken these steps to ensure that OTA television and local programming continue to be available in Canada for a number of reasons.

A short history of local programming and OTA broadcasting

For over 50 years, any Canadian with a TV set has been able to watch television programs through over-the-air (OTA) broadcasting – a free wireless television service that has typically included a significant amount of local programming.

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What we are doing

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