Programming on TV and Radio

Our numerous programming initiatives focus on ensuring that radio and TV broadcasting meets the needs and interests of Canadians. We also monitor the operations of licensed radio and TV services to ensure they meet their regulatory requirements.

Key television policies

Key radio policies

Exclusive broadcasting rights

We ensure that television programming is widely available to Canadians across the country. Television services often acquire exclusive rights to programs, but since these services are offered to all cable and satellite distributors, most Canadians will have access to them.

On the Internet, digital media services may offer exclusive content as well, but we do not permit programs designed for television to be offered exclusively by only one specific mobile or retail. Internet service. This ensures that customers will not have to subscribe to more than one Internet service provider (ISP) or mobile provider to watch content.

Video-on- demand (VOD) services offered via traditional television distributors are not permitted to acquire exclusive rights because that would mean those programs would only be available to subscribers of that specific television distributor. However, VOD services can offer exclusive content in the same way as digital media services on the Internet provided the VOD service is also offered on the Internet to all Canadians without the need for a television subscription.


Content Made by Canadians

TV Programming

Radio Programming

Monitoring Compliance

Our monitoring of licensees to make sure they are meeting their conditions of licence

Canadian Program Certification

Make a complaint

How to make a complaint about your TV or radio service online, by email and by phone.

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