TV and radio services

Learn about the types of broadcasters that offer different TV and radio services, on switching from analog to digital TV, and how to change your TV service provider.

Services and information

Your consumer rights (the TV Service Provider Code)

The majority of Canadians who subscribe to television services are protected by the TVSP Code. The Code explains your rights and the rules your provider must follow.

Local and community TV

More about local, community TV and over the air television broadcasting.

Changing your service provider

Learn about changing your phone, wireless, Internet, and TV service providers.

Options to watch TV (online too)

Explore the different options available in Canada to view content.

Switching from analog to digital TV

What the switch from analog to digital means for you and why it happened.


Not happy with your service provider?
Shop around!

Out of the blue your rates go up. Internet, phone, TV? Doesn’t matter which one it is. No one likes to pay more and no one likes to pay for services they aren’t happy with.

When it comes to TV channels, you’ve
got options.
Video Relay Service

How many TV channels does your family actually watch? All 150 that came with your bundle? Doubt it...

Why aren’t some online TV shows available for streaming in your area?

You’ve been waiting months for the second season of your favourite show to drop. Then the trailers started showing up on social media.

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