Alternative Dispute Resolution

The CRTC provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to help industry parties resolve disputes related to the Broadcasting Act or Telecommunications Act.

The CRTC’s ADR process is not for consumers. If you are a consumer and wish to make a complaint, visit the Support Centre.

Before Seeking our Assistance

Before coming to us, parties should make best efforts to first use other means to resolve their issues, for example private third-party mediation or arbitration and bilateral negotiations.

Commission dispute resolution is appropriate under the following circumstances:

  • the dispute involves one issue or, in exceptional cases, several closely related issues,
  • the dispute is between two parties or affects only a small number of parties,
  • the parties have been unable to resolve the dispute by other methods,
  • the dispute is relevant to the regulation and supervision of either the Canadian broadcasting or telecommunications system and relates primarily to matters of interpretation or application of an existing Commission decision, policy, or regulation, and
  • resolution of the dispute does not require a new policy or change to an existing policy.

Choose the Right Dispute Resolution Approach

If your dispute meets the above conditions, you can request one of three types of dispute resolution.

You are strongly encouraged to attempt to resolve your dispute with staff-assisted mediation before trying the other two approaches.

Note:  In resolving broadcasting related disputes, the Commission will apply the Wholesale Code.

Staff-Assisted Mediation

Staff-assisted mediation is a confidential dispute resolution process, where our staff helps parties come to a mutually acceptable resolution.

Final Offer Arbitration

Final offer arbitration is a public process, reserved exclusively for disputes that are monetary, and results in a binding decision.

Expedited Hearing

An expedited hearing is a public process for disputes that are not exclusively monetary.

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