Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2023-278

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Ottawa, 22 August 2023

Change to the processing time for applications and complaints relating to radio undertakings

  1. Following the adoption of the Online Streaming Act, the Commission issued on 8 May 2023 its regulatory plan to modernize Canada’s broadcasting system. The three-phase approach that was launched will bring major changes to the Canadian broadcasting system based on comments from Canadians, including licensees, associations and industry stakeholders. These changes will have a significant impact on current and future licensees, their conditions of service, and the regulations governing their activities. Implementing this approach will also require considerable resources on the part of both the Commission and the industry.
  2. The Commission examines each year hundreds of applications or complaints filed by the public or industry stakeholders in regard to radio undertakings and foresees significant delays in examining them during the modernization of its regulations. Consequently, the Commission is of the view that deferring the examination of any new application or complaint of any nature would allow the public and potential stakeholders, many of whom have limited resources, to focus their efforts on participating in the various Commission proceedings aimed at modernizing the Canadian broadcasting system.
  3. The Commission considers that it would be preferable for all to benefit from the measures and changes that will result from modernizing the Canadian broadcasting regulation framework before pursuing their regular activities. The Commission is also of the view that such a deferral will not cause any undue prejudice in general.
  4. In conclusion, the Commission announces today that it will defer the examination of any new application or complaint relating to radio during the implementation of its regulatory plan for modernizing the Canadian broadcasting system, for a period of approximately two years. Therefore, the Commission does not expect to receive any such applications or complaints during this period, unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated that would justify, with supporting evidence when filing the request, the need to process them. Upon presentation of such justification, the Commission will analyze the justification and make a decision regarding the processing of the application. Such applications will be excluded from normal service standards and will be processed as time and resources permit. It should be noted that the Commission will continue to process applications for changes in the ownership or effective control of radio undertakings (asset or share transactions). These applications are therefore excluded from this information bulletin.

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