Gender parity in Canada’s film and television production industry

Despite making some progress towards gender parity in the Canadian film and television production industry, research shows that women still face barriers to career advancement. The lack of gender parity in key creative positions needs to be addressed. With this in mind, the CRTC, supported by a Steering Committee, brought together Canada’s largest public and private broadcasters. The objective is to find lasting solutions to make sure more women play leading roles in the Canadian film and television production industry.

Following the Summit, all participants agreed to work on voluntary action plans tailored to their businesses and markets to address this issue. You can read below the plans for each of the following participant broadcasters.

Members of the steering committee

The CRTC’s next step is to engage with smaller and independent broadcasters to see how they can voluntarily contribute to the collective goal of increasing women’s access to key positions within the film and television production industry.

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