How to apply for Canadian Program Certification

Is your production high impact?

To help reduce the barriers to certifying risky to produce high impact productions, we’re ready to waive some of criteria from the regular certification process. Read more about our Pilot Project.

Canadian Program Certification

If your production is independently produced and meets certification requirements as a Canadian program, you can apply to the CRTC for Canadian Program Certification.

Certain conditions have to be met before you can file your application: the production must be underway, all key creative personnel have to be under contract and committed budgets must be in place.

Refer to the Guide to the CRTC Canadian Program Certification Application Process for certification criteria and to help complete the application forms.

Canadian Program Certification application forms

Who to contact

For all general inquiries regarding Canadian Program Certification, including questions about certification forms or the status of your application, please call 819-997-4699 or send an email to the Canadian Program Certification group

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