ASL - Roadmap to CRTC processes

Important notice

Please note the following videos are intended for Canadians that use American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary language. In the event of a conflict or discrepancy, the Rules of Practice and Procedure and other official CRTC publications will have precedence over the videos.

Ask a question or make a complaint

Find what to do when you have a question, a complaint, or an issue with a telecommunication or broadcasting service provider.

Participate in a public proceeding

Find out how you can formally participate in an open public proceeding and share your views on a specific topic.

File an application

Applications are submitted by individuals or organizations to raise a specific issue that affects the larger population before the CRTC reaches a decision.

Understanding the process

This will help you identify the typical steps taken during the course of any proceeding and find the information that you need.

Filing submissions

Whether you are making a complaint, participating in a proceeding, or filing an application, all written documents must follow a specific set of rules and guidelines.

Submission requirements summary

Verify the content of your submission and make sure it follows all the applicable rules and guidelines.

Frequently asked questions in ASL

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