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The CRTC's Client Services Team is your first point of contact if you have a question, a complaint, or a personal issue regarding a telecommunications or broadcasting service or service provider. This is a more informal process where you start by completing a triage form online or contacting Client Services. It will direct you to the appropriate complaint form, either from the CRTC or another organization. Other organizations include, for example, the Canadian broadcast Standards Council; the Canadian Administrator of VRS, inc.; Industry Canada; and the Privacy Commissioner. Once you have completed and submitted the form, a CRTC staff member or the responsible organization will contact you to address your issue. However, if the outcome impacts a larger audience, the CRTC could invite you to participate in a more formal proceeding by seeking input from the general public through a Notice of Consultation or Part 1 application published on its website.

Chart inside the video

This flow chart, Ask a Question or Make a Complaint, is uni-directional. It summarizes the process of asking a question or making a complaint with its different outcomes. There are two possible paths with a common starting point:

  1. Triage: Complete the online triage form or contact client services
  2. Complete the online complaint form on the CRTC website or on another organisation's website
    1. CRTC Staff will follow-up with you as needed
    2. The other organisation will follow-up with you as needed
  3. Both options point to two mutually exclusive possible outcomes:
    1. Option 1 - Issue is addressed: Dealt with on a case by case basis- CRTC staff will provide necessary information; or
    2. Option 2 - Formal proceeding is started: if warranted, the CRTC will seek input from the general public.

For more information about asking a question or making a complaint, see the following pages on the CRTC website: Phone, Internet, TV & Radio, Unsolicited phone calls and Scammers, Spam Reporting Center. Please note that the last two issues will not be discussed in this video series as they refer to different types of processes.

This video is intended for Canadians that use American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary language. Find what to do when you have a question, a complaint, or an issue with a telecommunication or broadcasting service provider.

Ask a Question or Make a Complaint

For more information, see the ASL - Roadmap to CRTC processes

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