ASL – How will I know a proceeding has started?

Video Transcript

The CRTC posts the Notice of Consultation or the Part 1 application and the details of the proceeding on its website. Current proceedings ready for the public to submit comments are said to be "Open for comments" and are listed on the All Public Proceedings Open for Comment page and archived or closed proceedings can be found on the Closed for Comments page. Details about the proceeding will be listed in its Notice of Consultation and/or on the All Public Proceedings Open for Comment. These details can include the topic being discussed, the process, any comments submitted, and any changes or updates made to the process.

This video is intended for Canadians that use American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary language. It answers some of the frequently asked questions on proceedings.

For more information, see the ASL - Roadmap to CRTC processes

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