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Applications are filed by individuals or organizations to ask the CRTC to make a decision on an issue. Before reaching a decision, the CRTC discusses it with the public at large, including companies. The individual or organization that initiates the application becomes known as the Applicant, and all other individuals or groups who formally participate are known as Interveners in the proceeding.

Issues discussed in applications need to be of interest to a larger population, such as proposing a new policy or modifying an existing policy. You can check to see if the issue is already represented on the CRTC's Public Proceedings page. If not, you could consider starting a formal process on your issue by filing a Part 1 application.

First, consider checking with a local or national consumer advocacy group to see if they share your opinion on the issue: you could coordinate and prepare an application by cooperating with an organization or other individuals. Second, you may wish to contact the CRTC's Client Services to confirm whether filing an application is the best avenue for you to discuss your topic. Third, consider whether the issue fits into the telecommunications or broadcasting stream.

You are now ready to start the process! Be sure to outline the issue in detail (referencing any existing applicable policies and policy sections), whenever possible, provide evidence and explain what you want the CRTC to do. You must send a formal cover letter and all required documents to the CRTC's Secretary General's attention online using your GCKey Account to access your My CRTC Account. This account is an electronic identifier that allows you to communicate securely with the Government of Canada. You also need to send a copy of your application to other individuals or organizations if they may significantly impacted by the final decision of the proceeding. For example, if you are asking the CRTC to require a company to provide a service or to take an action.

Chart inside the video

This flow chart, File an Application, is uni-directional but has two different outcomes at the end. It explains the steps involved in filing an application:

  1. Find the stream: Broadcasting (radio or television) or Telecommunications (phone, internet, or other services)
  2. Write your application: Prepare a cover letter and all the documents required by the guidelines
  3. Submit your documents: On the CRTC website use your GCKey Account to access my CRTC account
    1. Follow-up by other organisation: The other organisation will follow-up with you as needed
  4. Two mutually exclusive possible outcomes:
    1. Issue is addressed/closed: Based on the information received, the CRTC ma address or close your application; or
    2. Formal proceeding is started: if warranted, your application is posted on the CRTC website, to seek input from the general public.

All applications submitted will be considered by the CRTC, but not all applications will be accepted to move forward to a formal proceeding process. Some applications may be missing information, while other issues may fall outside of the CRTC's jurisdiction. Once the application is accepted by the CRTC, the application is posted on the CRTC website and the Part 1 proceeding begins.

For more information regarding completing a Part 1 application, refer to section 31 in the Guidelines on the CRTC Rules of Practice and Procedure.

This video is intended for Canadians that use American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary language Applications are submitted by individuals or organizations to raise a specific issue that affects the larger population before the CRTC reaches a decision.

For more information, see the ASL - Roadmap to CRTC processes

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