ASL – What is a Part 1 application / Part 1 proceeding?

Video Transcript

A Part 1 Proceeding is started by an application filed by individuals or organizations to ask the CRTC to discuss an issue with the public at large, including companies. Issues discussed in applications need to be of interest to a larger population, such as proposing a new policy or modifying a policy.

For example, in broadcasting, this could include applications for a new licence, to modify an existing licence, or to address issues between two parties. "Parties" are any individual or organization that participates in a written proceeding.  In telecom, this could include applications related to disputes between parties concerning provision of service and market competition.

In this type of proceeding:

  • applications are posted on the CRTC's Web site on the All Public Proceedings Open for Comment page;
  • the public typically has 30 days to submit comments relating to the applications;
  • applicants then have 10 days to reply to the comments;
  • the CRTC then examines all of the written comments and issues a decision which is then posted on its website.

This video is intended for Canadians that use American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary language. It answers some of the frequently asked questions on proceedings.

For more information, see the ASL - Roadmap to CRTC processes

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