Notice of Service Area Extensions

Notice of extensions to the service areas of licensed terrestrial broadcasting distribution undertakings

When applying for a licence, a terrestrial (e.g., cable or digital subscriber line) broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU) must indicate where it is proposing to offer services to customers. The area usually encompasses a city or a city and its surrounding areas.

In the past, an undertaking was required to obtain the Commission’s approval to make any changes to the boundaries of the area where it was initially licensed to offer its services. For example, the addition of a new subdivision or an adjacent community would be considered an extension.

In Information Bulletin 2011-755, published on 7 December 2011, the Commission informed licensees that they could extend their service areas without its approval.

The Commission specified in this bulletin that licensed terrestrial BDUs must now inform the Commission by letter of any extensions to their licensed service area when they have begun to offer service in the new area. The Commission will only consider an extension to be part of a licensee’s service area once it had begun providing service in that area.

The following is a list of notices of extensions to the service areas of licensed terrestrial BDUs as provided by these undertakings:






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