Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2019-379-1

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Reference: 2019-379, 2019-379-2, 2019-379-3, 2019-379-4, 2019-379-5, 2019-379-6 and 2019-379-7

Ottawa, 28 January 2020

Public record: 1011-NOC2019-0379

Notice of hearing

25 May 2020
Gatineau, Quebec

New deadline for submission of interventions: 20 February 2020
New deadline for submission of the licensee’s replies: 6 March 2020

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  1. In Notice of hearing, Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2019-379, 25 November 2019, the Commission initiated a proceeding to consider applications by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio-Canada (the Corporation) to renew the broadcasting licences for its various English- and French-language audio and audio-visual programming services. As indicated in that notice of consultation, the Commission had commissioned a report in order to inform the record for the proceeding on services offered by public broadcasters in other jurisdictions, their governance, and measurement frameworks, and noted that it would make the report publicly available at a later date and ensure that the public has the opportunity to provide comments as part of the proceeding.
  2. Today, the Commission has published the report on its website. Given the depth and nature of the report, the Commission determines that it would be appropriate to extend by one week the current deadline of 13 February 2020 for the submission of interventions to the licence renewal proceeding for the Corporation’s services. The Commission considers that this would provide interested persons with sufficient time to fully assess the information contained within the report and take that information into account when formulating their interventions.
  3. Accordingly, the new deadline for the submission of interventions is 20 February 2020. Consequently, the new deadline for the submission of replies from the licensee is 6 March 2020.

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