Communications Monitoring Report 2015: Executive Summary


The Commission wishes to thank all the entities that completed the CRTC Data Collection forms, without which this report would not have been possible. The Commission would also like to acknowledge the assistance provided by Industry Canada in the analysis of broadband deployment as it related to the rural communities in Canada; Statistics Canada for the various supplementary data used in this report; Numeris (formerly BBM Canada) for audience measures; NLogic (formerly BBM Analytics) for the Media Technology Monitor (MTM); and Mediastats.

Interested parties are welcome to provide comments for improvements or additions to future editions of the report. You can send your comments to the attention of the Secretary General, CRTC, Ottawa, K1A 0N2.

Chairman’s message

I am pleased to present the 2015 Communications Monitoring Report. This report provides a comprehensive view of the Canadian communication services sector, including the technologies they depend on to participate in the digital economy.

This year’s edition reveals important trends in how Canadians use their communication services. A picture of the broadband home of the future is beginning to emerge as the majority of households now subscribe to Internet packages with speeds at or above 10 megabits per second, while packages with slower speeds have been declining in popularity. Although Canadians are using a variety of ways to communicate, they are increasingly choosing wireless services over traditional telephone services.

The report also contains new data, including additional information on ethnic radio stations and average monthly mobile data usage.

We have undertaken additional efforts to provide high-level information that is clear and easy to understand in the section titled “Canada’s Communication System: An Overview for Citizens, Consumers and Creators.” While communication services account for a significant portion of most families’ monthly budget, Canadians have a number of options in today’s competitive marketplace. We invite them to use the information in the following pages to help them make informed decisions about their services.

The CRTC aims to ensure Canadians are at the centre of their communication system. To do so, it is important that they participate in our public consultations and at our public hearings. The data in this report can inform their comments and ideas and provide evidence to support their views.

We look forward to hearing from all participants in the Canadian communication sector as we work to ensure that Canadians have access to a world-class system.

Jean-Pierre Blais
Chairman and CEO

Executive Summary

The Communications Monitoring Report (CMR) provides a comprehensive overview of the communications markets in Canada. Specifically, it provide the industry, stakeholders and the Canadian public with a meaningful tool to help them better understand the communications industry and participate in the CRTC’s proceedings.

Key communications market trends for 2014

New technologies are shaping how Canadians are communicating

The way Canadians are consuming content is changing

Alternative audio activity on the rise

Revisions to the Communications Monitoring Report – November 2015

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