FAQ – Annual New Media in Broadcasting Survey

Why am I receiving this form?

Your entity has been identified as one which has a diverse set of media assets, including web properties, portals, and/or applications which include broadcasting in new media in the form of audio and/or audio-visual content.

Is this form part of the Telecom Survey or Broadcasting Survey?

No, this form is a new form which is part of a new survey related to Canadian New Media in Broadcasting.  At this stage, the information being collected is for a high-level understanding of this sector, and will be collected yearly to produce trending data on the industry.

My entity reports some of these revenues and/or expenses on other existing forms, should we change our reporting methods?

No. As the Commission is issuing this as a new survey, the results are not being used to audit the existing information that is being gathered in the other surveys. However, as the survey indicates, the Commission does seek to understand if and where this information is currently being reported, in order to further refine the survey process that exists.

Why is this information being collected under the authority of the Broadcasting Act?

As entities carrying out broadcasting in new media are currently under an exemption order issued in 1999 under the authority of the Broadcasting Act, this information is related to this existing exemption, and is therefore also under the authority of that Act.

Will this information be published or made available to the public?

No, as this information is being filed in confidence, the Commission will not publish any details from any entity. Overall information on the sector may be shared in future publications, but no specific details will be listed at this point.

What is meant by the websites, portals, and applications for the overall revenues?

In the context of this question, the Commission seeks information regarding revenues from any web properties associated with your entity, as well as if you operate a web portal, which collects a diverse range of content and provides links to other websites from other content providers. The term applications applies to content provided through stand-alone content players that use Internet connectivity to display content.

What is meant to be captured by the advertising category?

The Commission seeks information regarding any advertising revenue being generated from broadcasting content on the Internet by the entities. For example, revenues being generated from pre-or post-roll advertisements on audio or video content, as well as banner ads located on web pages, portals, or applications which are primarily focussed on broadcasting on the Internet, displaying audio and/or audio-visual content.

What are subscription revenues in the context of broadcasting in new media?

The Commission seeks information regarding any subscription-based revenues being generated by the entities through Internet involvement. As an example, if your entity offers access to content through monthly fees rather than one-time fees, this is subscription revenue.

What are online sales in this context?

Several entities offer content for purchase, either in the form of pay-to-own, or pay-to-rent. This content is hosted on either the entities’ own properties, or also on 3rd party content site offering content for purchase. The Commission seeks the total of all such transactions.

Why is there an ‘Other Revenue’ category?

The Commission seeks to fully understand both the revenues and expenses of entities’ activities related to broadcasting in new media. As such, this category allows entities to report any other revenue which was not captured in the other categories. The Commission further requests that entities who complete this cell provide information further in the survey to explain what the source of that revenue is.

What is meant by administration and general expenses?

In this category, entities are asked to capture any expenses not being captured in the other categories listed in this section. Such expenses include things such as office space, capital expenses, payroll, etc.

What is to be reported under Technical expenses?

The Commission seeks information regarding the sort of expenses related to the overall operation of the entities Internet-related properties, including websites, portals and/or applications. This would include such things as bandwidth costs, transcoding (re-formatting content) costs, payments made to content distribution networks, etc.

What is meant by program rights in the context of broadcasting in new media?

For this section, the Commission seeks to understand the costs that arise as a result of paying for content to be used on their properties (websites, portals and/or applications). This includes costs related to digital rights associated with programs, licensing fees paid to content developers, etc.

What costs should be reported in the Production costs category?

This category is meant to provide data with regards to the expenditures being made by entities on creating in-house content being used for broadcast in new media. This may include production of webisodes, or re-editing material into new formats, etc.

What new media properties should be included in the survey?

Affiliated New Media Broadcasting Undertakings that are established to provide audio and/or audio-visual programs to end-users should be included. (That is programs as defined by the Broadcasting Act i.e. “…sounds or visual images, or a combination of sounds and visual images, that are intended to inform, enlighten or entertain, but does not include visual images, whether or not combined with sounds, that consist predominantly of alphanumeric text”).

What is the definition of New Media broadcasting undertaking?

As defined in Broadcasting Order CRTC 2009-660 Amendments to the Exemption order for new media broadcasting undertakings (Appendix A to Public Notice CRTC 1999-197); Revocation of the Exemption order for mobile television broadcasting undertakings, a New Media broadcasting undertaking is as follows:

The undertaking provides broadcasting services, in accordance with the interpretation of "broadcasting" set out in New Media, Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 1999-84/Telecom Public Notice CRTC 99-14, 17 May 1999, that are:

  1. delivered and accessed over the Internet; or
  2. delivered using point-to-point technology and received by way of mobile devices.

What is the definition of “affiliated undertaking”?

“Affiliated undertaking” means an undertaking controlled by you or an undertaking controlled by a third party which also controls you.

Should properties which are a digital version of a newspaper or magazine which may offer audio and/or audio visual programs be included?


Should revenues or expenses related to user-generated content be included?

No, but where these revenues and expenses are bundled in with non-user-generated content, it is not necessary to remove them.

Should apps related to video or audio content and that are given away for free be included in the list of new media properties?


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