Contact Information for Chairperson, Commissioners and Senior Management

Name Number Position Group
Ian Scott 819-997-3430 Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer Chairperson’s Office
Vacant - Administrative Officer (Chairperson) Chairperson’s Office
Marie-Soleil Provost 819-997-3430 Administrative Assistant (Chairperson) Chairperson’s Office
Amy Hanley 819-953-7912 Chief of Staff Chairperson’s Office
Marie-Claude Morin 819-997-3430 Team Leader, Administrative Services Chairperson’s Office
Dr. Caroline J. Simard 819-994-0870 Broadcasting, Vice-Chairperson Vice-Chairpersons
Chantal Philippe 819-997-4644 Executive Assistant to Broadcasting, Vice-Chairperson Vice-Chairpersons
Christianne Laizner  819-997-4645 Telecommunications, Vice-Chairperson Vice-Chairpersons
Chantal Philippe 819-997-4644 Executive Assistant to Telecommunications, Vice-Chairperson Vice-Chairpersons
Vacant - British Columbia/Yukon Commissioners
Jo-Anne Platt 604-666-8661 Administrative Officer (British Columbia/Yukon) Commissioners
Dr. Linda Vennard 403-292-6663 Alberta/Northwest Territories Commissioners
Faye Wickenheiser 306-780-3426 Administrative Officer (interim) (Alberta/Northwest Territories) Commissioners
Joanne T. Levy 306-780-3423 Manitoba / Saskatchewan Commissioners
Faye Wickenheiser 306-780-3422 Administrative Officer (Manitoba/Saskatchewan) Commissioners
Monique Lafontaine 416-954-6269 Ontario Commissioners
Vacant - Administrative Officer (Ontario) Commissioners
Yves Dupras 514-496-4077 Quebec Commissioners
Monique Cyr 514-496-4077 Administrative Officer (Quebec) Commissioners
Christopher MacDonald 902-426-2644 Atlantic/Nunavut Commissioners
Diane Mallet 902-426-7998 Administrative Officer (Atlantic/Nunavut) Commissioners
Claude Doucet 819-953-5889 Secretary General Corporate Services and Operations
Rehana Warsalee 819-997-1027 Administrative Assistant (Secretary General) Corporate Services and Operations
Pamela Toniolo 819-953-2196 Chief of Staff Corporate Services and Operations
Scott Hutton 819-997-4573 Executive Director Broadcasting
Mélanie Rancourt 819-997-8107 Administrative Officer (Executive Director, Broadcasting) Broadcasting
Vacant - Executive Director Communications and External Relations
Rehana Warsalee 819-934-1356 Executive Assistant (Executive Director, Communications and External Relations) Communications and External Relations
Steven Harroun 819-997-4546 Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer Compliance and Enforcement
Maryse Girard 819-953-4719 Administrative Officer (Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer) Compliance and Enforcement
Scott Shortliffe 819-997-4534 Chief Consumer Officer Consumer Affairs and Strategic Planning
Martine Turgeon 819-997-4330 Administrative Officer (Chief Consumer Officer) Consumer Affairs and Strategic Planning
Stephen Millington 819-953-0632 Senior General Counsel Legal
Virginie St-Laurent Lacroix 819-997-5533 Executive Assistant (Senior General Counsel) Legal
Chris Seidl 819-956-4480 Executive Director Telecommunications
Lucie Danis 819-997-4596 Administrative Officer (Executive Director, Telecommunications) Telecommunications
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