How Does Your Internet Service Measure Up?

That's a question many Canadians ask. Soon they'll be able to answer it, thanks to an Internet performance measurement project that you can take part in free of charge with your privacy guaranteed.

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About the project

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that Canadians have access to a world-class communication system, we have launched a project to measure the performance of broadband Internet services to Canadian homes.

Our partners in the project include major Internet service providers (ISPs) across Canada, broadband measurement specialist SamKnows, and Canadians like you.

The project will benefit:

How it works

If you choose to participate in the project, here's what to do and what will happen.

  1. Complete the online form
    Use the online form at SamKnows to tell us who you are, who your Internet service provider is, and what Internet service package you subscribe to. (The minimum service packages we will be measuring will have 5 Mbps advertised download speeds.)
  2. Receive a Whitebox
    This device connects to your modem or router. It performs tests to and collects data about the speed and other technical aspects of your Internet service, and only on these metrics. It doesn't collect personal data about your Web habits, the sites you visit, or the time you spend on the Web. In fact, the whitebox will only carry out tests when no one in your house is actively using the Internet service, so it doesn't affect your Internet performance.
  3. The Whitebox collects performance data
    Performance data will be gathered over time. It will be available to you via a Web portal, and will also be available (anonymously) to SamKnows, your ISP, and to the CRTC for analysis.
  4. The CRTC will publish performance results
    After a period of several months collecting data, and based on the subsequent analysis of that data, we will publish a report that will provide valuable information about Internet performance in Canada.  

Your privacy guaranteed

The data gathered by a Whitebox relates only to Internet performance. No data is collected about the sites you visit, the time you spend on the Internet, what you upload or download, or anything else you do on the web.

What's more, the data from over 6,000 Whiteboxes will be combined to provide the information used in the performance report, so data from your own Whitebox won't appear anywhere other than in your Web portal.

Join today

To participate in the project and learn about your Internet performance, fill out the form at SamKnows.

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