Regulatory Plan to modernize Canada’s broadcasting system

This plan explains how the CRTC will work with Canadians to modernize Canada’s broadcasting system. Modernization will take place in three phases.

The CRTC will adapt its approach in light of any future policy direction.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Open and public process

Modernizing Canada’s broadcasting system will require multiple steps. Every step will include open and public consultations.

Our approach

Changes needed to implement the modernized Broadcasting Act are substantial and complex. There are many interconnected issues to be addressed.

Implementing the modernized Act will be done in three phases. We will make decisions based on consultations. We will adjust our plans as needed. As a result, this plan will be updated regularly to ensure that everyone can participate and share ideas.

Phase 1: Getting started (launching spring 2023)

The broadcasting system of the future will ensure that online streaming services make meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content. Creators will have opportunities to tell their stories and Canadians will have access to a greater variety and diversity of content.

We will:

On May 12, 2023, we published an Information Bulletin clarifying more technical details for broadcasters.

Consultation on contributions to the Canadian broadcasting system

We are consulting on what contributions services will need to make to support the Canadian broadcasting system. We are also consulting on other important issues such as the diversity, promotion, and accessibility of Canadian and Indigenous programming.

Consultation on registration of online streaming services

This consultation helps ensure that our regulation is limited to companies that can make a material contribution to the broadcasting system.

We are proposing that registration be required only for online streaming services that have more than $10 million in annual revenues in Canada.

Consultation on exemption orders and basic conditions of service

Online streaming services have operated in Canada under “exemption orders.” This consultation examines what basic requirements they should have to meet to do business in Canada.

Phase 2: Building a new regulatory framework (launching fall 2023)

In this phase, we will look at how we could tailor our expectations of and requirements for different broadcasting services, including:

Phase 3: Implementing new regulatory framework (targeting launch late 2024)

Phase 3 will focus on implementing the new regulations and policy decisions. More information will follow.

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