Template for joint supporting interventions in telecommunications proceedings

In Filing of joint supporting interventions, Telecom Information Bulletin CRTC 2011-693, 8 November 2011, the Commission announced that it will permit parties to coordinate, organize, and file in a single intervention supporting interventions to telecommunications proceedings.  In accordance with the procedure set out in the above-noted information bulletin, a template for the covering letter to be filed by a party is provided below.

List of supporting interventions

The persons set out in the following list have provided interventions in support of the position of [name of applicant or name of party] (the party) in the proceeding initiated by



that [insert brief description of the position being supported].


This is to confirm that:

  1. the persons named on this list have requested that the party submit the attached interventions and accept service of documents on their behalf;
  2. each person named on this list has been informed by the party that their name and intervention will be posted on the Commission’s website as part of the public record of this proceeding and that all information provided by this person becomes part of the publicly accessible file, including personal information such as full name, email address, postal/street address, telephone and facsimile number(s) and any other personal information provided; and
  3. no person named on this list is requesting to appear at the hearing, where one will be held.

[name of representative of the party], on behalf of name of [party], [date]


1. ______________________________________________________

[name of person supporting this application or the party’s position]


2. ____________________________________________________________

[name of person supporting this application or the party’s position]


3. ____________________________________________________________

[name of person supporting this application or the party’s position]


(continue list as necessary)

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