Competitive Disputes (8622): 2010

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2010-12-24 8622-G23-201018929
Globility Communications Corporation - Application for relief with respect to competitor access to competitive alternatives to ILEC Competitor Digital Network services


FreeHD Canada Inc. - Application requesting an Order to Telesat Holdings Inc. to provide all of the Nimiq 5 Satellite Capacity to FreeHd Canada Inc.

2010-11-29 8622-P8-201017153
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) - Application to request for an order requiring the Bell companies to halt their $100 coupon campaign
2010-10-29 8622-C95-201016197
Convergia Networks, Inc. - Application for an order directing Bell Canada to correct its overbilling of Convergia for competitor digital network services
2010-10-25 8622-P8-201015925
Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) for Consumer Groups - Application requesting that the Commission apply the directives it issued in Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-632 regarding the deployment by incumbent service providers of wholesale high speed Internet services to Bragg Communications Inc., operating as Eastlink
2010-10-12 8622-G44-201015438
Globalive Wireless Management Corp. operating as WIND Mobile - Seamless Transition When Moving out of Zone
2010-09-09 8622-G44-201014547
Globalive Wireless Management Corp. operating as WIND Mobile - Application for Relief with respect to the non-compliance by Rogers Wireless Partnership with mandated Wireless Number Portability intervals
File Closed
2010-08-06 (2010-07-29) 8622-Q15-201012070
Quebecor Media Inc. (QMI) and Rogers Communications Partnership - Application for Relief with respect to the routing of toll traffic destined to SILECs via Bell Canada's transit service tariff
2010-06-23 8622-C12-201010595
NC 2010-406 - Call for comments on the customer transfer process and related competitive issues



2010-06-11 8622-B2-201009720
Bell Canada - Application to request that the Commission require TELUS Communications Company (TCC) to credit Bell Canada for the 9-1-1 network access services provided to Bell Canada by TCC
2010-05-27 8622-B54-201008566
Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership, Bell Canada and Bell TV (the Companies) - Application for regulatory symmetry in relation to determinations concerning the operation of their IPTV broadcasting distribution undertakings in their respective licensed territories
2010-05-10 8622-B2-201008095
Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership and Bell Canada (the Companies) - Application requesting clarification and revisions to the Interconnection Regime Treatment of imbalance payments for the termination of traffic between local exchange carriers


2010-05-04 8622-T131-201007857
Torstar Corporation - Application for dispute resolution pursuant to Section 12 of the BDU Regulations relating to the distribution of ShopTV Canada by Rogers Cable Communications Inc.
2010-03-16 8622-O40-201004861
On Call Internet Services Ltd - Application for injunctive relief against TELUS Communications Company for relief against termination of On Call Internet Services Ltd
2010-03-15 8622-Y6-201004663
Yak Communications (Canada) Corp. - Application regarding Saskatchewan Telecommunications’ Refusal to Disconnect DNA Circuits
2010-01-15 8622-M59-201000059
MTS Allstream Inc. - Application for Clarification of Paragraph 48 of Decision 2007-10
2010-01-15 8622-B60-201000471
Bragg Communications Inc. (EastLink), Cogeco Cable Inc., Rogers Communications Inc., Shaw Communications Inc. and Quebecor Media Inc., on behalf of Videotron Ltd. (the Cable Carriers) – Application requesting the Commission to amend certain wording and request clarification on Order 2009-799
File Closed
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