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2007-04-02 - #: 8622-C122-200705106 - Cybersurf Corp. - Application requesting an expedited show cause process concerning speeds of ADSL wholesale services

File Closed - Commission Letter - 2007-10-02

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2007-10-02 - Commission Letter
File #: 8740-B54-200610768 - 8740-B2-200616683 - 8740-P45-200609125 - 8740-S9-200702375 - 8740-T78-200506280 - 8740-V3-200704306 - 8740-A53-200602007 - 8622-R2-200614174 - 8661-B2-200602781 - 8661-B2-200602401 - 8622-C122-200705106
Description: Letter addressed to Distribution List - Re: Approach to handling certain competitor service applications

2007-04-26 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Cybersurf Corp. - Re: Request for show cause process regarding speeds of ADSL wholesale services provided by Bell Canada and Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership for services provided in Ontario and Quebec, from Saskatchewan Telecommunications and from MTS Allstream Inc.

2007-04-02 - Cybersurf Corp.
Description:  Cybersurf is making this submission to request that the Commission conduct a process on an expedited basis, to require Bell Canada, Bell Aliant Regional Communications for services provided in Ontario and Quebec, Saskatchewan Telecommunications and MTS Allstream  to demonstrate why each of these entities should not be required to adhere to the following requirements.
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Date Modified: 2007-10-04

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