Filing telecom documents with the CRTC: Privacy and Security

This statement explains the purpose and use of personal information that is collected when submitting a telecom application to the CRTC.

Privacy Act

The collection and use of personal information in the context of CRTC proceedings is authorized by the Broadcasting Act, the Telecommunications Act, and the CRTC Rules of Procedure. The CRTC collects, uses and discloses personal information in accordance with the federal Privacy Act.

Information submitted will form part of the public record and can be viewed on the CRTC Web site. In the context of CRTC proceedings, information may be disclosed without your consent for purposes not outlined in this Statement pursuant to subsection 8(2) of the Privacy Act.

The personal information collected under this system will be retained for a maximum of ten years in accordance with the National Archives Authority, and will be processed by the CRTC's Information and Technology Management Directorate.

The Privacy Act states that you have the right to access your personal information and request changes to incorrect information.

Privacy applies regardless of media

Some of the material in this statement refers to the communicating with the CRTC electronically, but you can also use other media. Regardless of which medium you use, your privacy is protected under the terms described in this notice. More information on other ways to submit an application.

Contact us

To access your personal information, notify us about incorrect information, or withdraw your participation after submitting your information:

For clarification about privacy, contact our Privacy Coordinator:

For more information on privacy issues and the Privacy Act in general, contact the Privacy Commissioner:

For more information about your right to access, consult Information about programs and information holdings.

Cover page and cookies

When submitting documents via the CRTC website, your computer must use cookies. If you don't want to use cookies, you cannot submit information online. For information on other ways to submit an application, contact the CRTC.

When sending information to the CRTC through the CRTC website, you will fill in a Cover Page with information about your submission. After you've accessed the Cover Page, you can cancel and exit the form at any time. If you cancel, none of the information you've entered to that point is submitted to the CRTC, but it remains in the cookie placed on your computer.

The cookie saves any information that you entered into the Cover Page form on your computer, so that the next time you use the same computer to fill in the Cover Page, the cookie enters your information on the form for you. You can delete the cookies from your computer, but if you do, you need to re-enter all of your information the next time you fill in the Cover Page.

How you can help with security

Here's what you can do to safeguard your privacy:

To maximize security:

Security software

In order to maintain the security of this site, the CRTC uses software programs to monitor network traffic, to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or to otherwise cause damage. The software receives and records the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of computers that have contacted our Web site, the date and time of the visit and the pages visited. We make no attempt to link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting our site unless an attempt to damage our site has been detected.

Agreeing to Privacy Statement

To confirm that you've accessed this privacy page and are now ready to provide your personal information:

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