Competitive Disputes (8622): 2005

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2005-12-23 8622-R11-200515505

Rogers Wireless Inc. - Clarification on the applicability of retail digital network access link charges on competitor digital network

2005-12-22 8622-S72-200515752

Superior Wireless Inc. - Complaint against Thunder Bay Telephone with respect to unjust discrimination to Superior Wireless Cellular Customers

2005-12-12 8622-B2-200515190

Bell Canada - Application regarding the unauthorized transfer of local customers by Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc.

File Closed
2005-12-06 8622-R11-200514936

Rogers Wireless Inc. - Application seeking an order to prohibit the practice of voicecasting to wireless subscribers

File Closed
2005-11-29 8622-Y3-200514225

Yukon Independent Internet Service Providers (YIISPs) (Northern Television Systems Ltd. (WHTV) and Polarcom - Application for relief with respect to Northwestel Internet Gateway Service

File Closed
2005-11-28 8622-M59-200513962

MTS Allstream Inc. - Application requesting an order requiring that competitive service providers be required to provide 900 Service pursuant to an approved tariff and associated agreements

2005-11-18 8622-Q18-200513566

Quebec Coalition of Internet Service Providers (QCISP) - Application against Bell Canada regarding the enforcement of Telecom Order 99-592

2005-11-15 8622-M59-200513136

MTS Allstream Inc. - Application requesting an order making Bell Canada's Enhanced Exchange-Wide Dial (EEWD) tariff interim

2005-11-11 8622-V22-200513006

Quebecor Media Inc. on behalf of Videotron Telecom Ltd. - Application against Bell Canada - Billing Dispute

2005-11-04 8622-C122-200512716

Cybersurf Corp. - Application for Access to the Quality of Service Enhancement Service of Shaw Cablesystems G.P. and PacketCable Network Functionality of Shaw, Rogers Communications Inc. and Vidéotron ltée

2005-09-12 8622-Q15-200510710

Québecor Media Inc. - Application for an immediate halt to local residential exchange winback violations on the part of Bell Canada

2005-09-09 8622-C13-200510695

Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association (CCTA)- Application requesting that the Commission refrain from applying some of the CLEC obligations established in Telecom Decision 97-8 to a class of Canadian carriers that quality as Group 2 CLECs or "small" CLECS

2005-09-02 8622-R29-200510497

Rogers Telecom Inc. - Application for Bell Canada to Provision Unbundled Loops Served by Remotes

2005-09-02 8622-B2-200510463

Bell Canada - Application requesting that the Commission modify the bundling rules governing Customer Specific Arrangements involving the provision of both tariffed and non-tariffed services

2005-08-31 8622-R11-200510406

Rogers Wireless Inc. - Aliant's Non-Compliance with the Bundling Rules and Telecom Decision CRTC 2004-21

2005-08-12 8622-S61-200509490

Shaw Telecom Inc. - Application for an expedited order requiring MTS Allstream Inc. to port telephone numbers

2005-07-22 8622-Y2-200508731

YP Corp. - Application seeking non-discriminatory billing and collection arrangements from Bell Canada

2005-06-03 8622-C25-200512469

Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - Application against Bell Canada - Finalization of CDNA rebates from the interim period

2005-06-03 8622-M59-200506561

MTS Allstream Inc. - Application requesting an order requiring the Respondents (Bank Street Investments Inc. and Bell Canada) to comply with the MDU access condition (Decision 2003-45)

2005-05-02 8622-Q17-200506173

Q-TEL Corporation - Application agains Telus - Service Agreement

2005-04-25 8622-B2-200505068

Bell Canada and Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) - Application to request the Commission to discontinue the application of the local winback rules

2005-04-22 8622-G31-200504995

Groupe D-Tech inc. - Application to order Bell Canada to report all commercial transactions between Bell Canada and Électro-Saguenay Ltée

2005-04-22 8622-A53-200504953

Aliant Telecom Inc. - Application regarding the local winback no contract rules and the suspension of consideration of local wireline promotions (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)

2005-04-11 8622-D37-200504424

Doncaster Consulting Inc. - Application requesting an order requiring Bell Canada to cease offering naked digital subscriber line service
File Closed
2005-04-06 8622-Q15-200504151

Quebecor Media Inc. - Application for an immediate order that Bell Canada cease and desist from providing its digital voice service in its uncumbent local exchange territory

File Closed
2005-04-04 8622-C13-200504028

Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association (CCTA) - Application regarding Bell Canada digital voice retail service launch

File Closed
2005-04-04 8622-C6-200503997

Cogeco Cable Inc. - Application for an expedited relief regarding Bell Canada digital voice service (Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke)

File Closed
2005-03-29 8622-T66-200503418

TELUS Communications Inc. - Application regarding Shaw Communications Inc.'s non-compliance with the local entry rules
File Closed
2005-03-24 8622-T66-200503393

TELUS Communications Inc. - Application regarding local winback rules
File Closed
2005-03-14 8622-C25-200502858

Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - Application vs Bell Canada for Certain Relief of Billed Number Screening Charges
2005-03-11 8622-B2-200502741

Bell Canada - Application to set aside the Suspension of Consideration of ILECs' applications for Promotions in the Local Wireline Market pursuant to Public Notices 2003-1 and 2003-1-1

File Closed
2005-01-11 8622-V31-200500381

VENOA Communications Inc. - Application against Bell Canada regarding compliance with digital subscriber line service providers' access approved for unbundled loops and co-location (Order 2000-983)

File Closed
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